Our Concept for Building Websites

Building a website can be a real easy job if you have the right tools and knowledge.
There are few kind of people who can help you build a website:

  1. Geeks and programmers – These people know how to create a new Linux web-server, install all sort of geeky softwares. 9folds is a free software and eliminates the need to pay for servers and install geeky software.
  2. Designers and HTML programmers Now this is more the creative part of people who help structure your website, design the color schemes (mostly on Photoshop) and then actually transform the design into real HTML website. Good HTML will help your website to be well indexed by search engines like Google, load fast and look the same across all sort of different browsers, screen sizes and devices.
  3. You and I – The people who just want a website. We want to get a blank page, select a template and start adding text and images.

9folds aims to give the infrastructure for designers and HTML programmers to create dynamic templates easily but also serve as a place for people who need website to select a template and start going online for free.

Our Mission

9folds platform aims to create a marketplace of designers and html programmers who will be hired by people who want help creating their customized websites and need a little technical help.

Objectives when creating websites

  1. Generating standard compliant HTML (W3C) sites which load on all new browsers, tablets and smartphones and are optimized for search engines (SEO)
  2. Performance – Make each page load fast fast.
  3. Scalability – Create as many websites as you want. No limits. If by any chance your site was reviewed in the newspaper and you got million of users flowing in, 9folds servers will have no problem serving them.