Connect Your Domain

9folds allows you to host your new site on your domain (e.g: instead of the internal address given to each site (

Domain names are bought through domain registrar like Godaddy, Dreamhost or Google. .COM domains usually cost ~10 USD.

In order to move your new 9folds site to your own domain, here are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Register your domain for Google Apps. You may either register an existing domain which you already own, or buy a new domain. In case you already own a domain from another registrar, you will need to create a CNAME DNS record as explained here: Note: When creating a new CNAME, use HOST= www points to=
  2. Make sure you can now go to your domain (e.g: from a browser and receive a Google page.
  3. Log in to your Google Apps Administration panel – Don’t forget to replace the “” with your domain name
  4. In Google Apps administration panel, under Service Settings – click Google Sites and then select Disable Sites at the bottom
  5. Back in the Dashboard screen next to Service Settings click Add more services
  6. Next to Google App Engine in the App ID field enter nine9folds then click Add service
  7. In nine9folds settings page click Add new url and in the text field write www and click Add
  8. Back in go to your dashboard and select the site you would like to assign the domain.
  9. Select Settings (gear icon), click the first EDIT link to reveal the edit boxes, and in the Domain field add your domain. For example: “”
  10. Open a new browser window and enter your domain address in the address bar. If everything is set right, you should see your 9folds site