Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export my site data in case I would like to use my site to another service?

Currently 9folds allows exporting your site information into a JSON format which is commonly used and very readable. For example:
If you feel however that this is not enough, you’re missing information or would like some more complete API with options to change your site behaviour please feel free to contact and request further changes.

Can I use my own Javascript libraries?

Of course. 9folds allows uploading your own HTML code, including Javascript, Flash and much more. So feel free to start uploading your custom OTF font files, add neat Canvas banners and visualization, throw in your favorite gallery/banner switcher, add HTML5 music players to your site.

How much of programming do I need to know to use 9folds?

In order to build your own templates you will mainly need to know HTML + CSS. The Django templating language is very easy to use and is meant for people who almost have no sense of programming. Getting the templates right might however require some experimentation in order to understand the concept of pages & files and how you might use them to control the template and create stunning designs.

Is there any type of control panel, ftp?

9folds site building platform is built as a service model (SaaS) and does not require you any knowledge of server architecture, installing applications or Linux. The main back-office for editing your website is graphical and allows uploading files & images and editing texts. Uploading your HTML/CSS templates is done similarly as uploading photos to the back office. In order to allow a more programatic approach to updating your files a GitHub integration is also available.

How do I manage bulk imports like 400 photos to upload for a gallery?

9fold’s upload controls allow uploading multiple files and you may select as many files as you’d like. Currently 9folds does not have bulk import tools beyond that. We believe that part of a website success is gained by presenting concise information with descriptive texts and structured titles, sub titles and keywords. 9fold’s platform is just no replacement for tools like Picasa or Flickr. An alternative option to this is to use Picasa embed widgets, or build jQuery widgets which pull your content from Flick/Picasa web services APIs. Alltogether, this is not to say that in the future we might add such options to import information for sources as such.

Can I write my custom forms ?

Currently 9folds support one main type of form which is the contact form. You can tweak this form in any way you want from the HTML perspective, however the form processing will result in one type of action: sending an email to the owner of the site. 9folds does not allow server side programming like processing user forms and storing their entered information. There are many solutions which might help you achieve such solutions while sticking to this restriction. For example:

  1. Aggregating information from users using Google Spreadsheets forms
  2. Adding comments to your pages using Disqus

If you feel that this is not enough and you have a special requirement, please feel free to contact support and we will try to help you resolve these issues.

What up-time guarantees does 9folds offer? SLA?

9folds is built on top of Google servers infrastructure using a platform named App Engine The SLA for this service is 99.9% up time, however since currently App Engine is still under development by Google there have been reports of 99.75% up time. From our experience, we still did not encounter any significant downtime and the platform has been very stable and improving on speed. 9fold’s platform is built to cope with errors and downtimes which might pop from time to time and avoid nasty error pages to your end users.